Why is Grammarly One Of the Best Writing Softwares And How It Can Help You?

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Writing is not an easy job. Apart from being creative and having many ideas, there is also the requirement to be well versed in spelling and grammar. No matter how experienced you are as a writer or blogger grammar and spelling mistakes do happen even to the best and a single mistake can have a bad effect on an otherwise well-researched and written piece of content.

To find grammar mistakes and correct the misspelled words writers need to proofread their work or hire professional proofreaders to do the job for them. This all costs money and takes time but now thanks to the development of the technology there are many writing softwares that make this much faster easier and cheaper. Grammarly is in my opinion the best of such writing softwares, and if you are a freelance writer, blogger, or involved in content creation you should definitely start using it.

Grammarly is available for several years now and is being constantly improved. Grammarly offers many features that help content creators to increase their productivity and deliver error-free work. There are both free and paid Both free and paid versions to have great features that will be mentioned in this post.

Free grammar checker

Grammar checker is included in the free account of Grammarly. You can start using it without paying after you open your free account. Whether it is basic English grammar you are struggling with or you are a native English speaker and experienced writer you can still make good use of the free grammar checker. It is easy to use this feature to correct grammar mistakes in your article or blog post. Once you have an account and Grammarly is installed it checks your text word for word and finds grammars mistakes using AI technology.

You can then correct grammar mistakes in your text by clicking on the fix that Grammarly recommends. This saves significant time required to go through your finished text again to find and correct grammar mistakes.

Check for punctuation mistakes

Grammarly also helps find and correct various punctuation mistakes. By using Grammarly in your work you can easily correct funny punctuation errors, missing or misplaced apostrophe errors, funny comma mistakes, and create original written content free of punctuation errors.

Spell check and text correction

One of the best features of Grammarly is a very powerful spell check. Spelling mistakes are common and happen frequently even to very experienced writers. Thanks to the spell-check tool from Grammarly now you can write your articles and blog posts and spell check will find misspelled words and propose adequate text correction for your spelling mistakes.

Thanks to the spell checker now you can faster because a lot of work associated with browsing through the text and finding errors is done automatically by Grammarly. Another benefit is that the spell checker increases the accuracy of your work. Grammarly can find misspelled words and text that you might have missed.

Grammarly helps increase the readability of your articles or blog posts

With the help of AI technology, Grammarly can help you write content that has increased readability compared to your original work. This is probably more helpful to the inexperienced writers and bloggers and those that English is not their native language.

Grammarly can help you increase the readability by going through your work, sentences, and paragraphs and providing you with suggestions on how to rewrite them to make them more clear to the target audience.

You can use Grammarly to set the writing style you need

When you write an article or a blog post one of the main things to consider is your target audience. This determines your writing style from most to the least formal. You can not set your preferred writing style for your work and Grammarly will provide with choice of word to make it more clear to the intended audience.

You can use Grammarly to check for plagiarism

Another important and useful tool offered in Grammarly is a plagiarism checker. You can use the Grammarly plagiarism checker to check if there is any plagiarism in your work. It is able to search and compare your written work with billions of pages. No one likes plagiarism and this tool can certainly help you in keeping your work in good standing and building your reputation.

Should bloggers use Grammarly?

Bloggers can make really good use of Grammarly writing software. Blogging involves creating original content as most important for attracting more readers and increasing the traffic. The bloggers that do not write fresh and original content fail to get more visitors to their blogs. This is where Grammarly can help bloggers write more and better content for their blogs. They can now by using Grammarly save the time required to find and correct grammar mistakes and also easily locate and correct spelling mistakes. Grammarly extension works great with WordPress editor.

Many blog owners outsource writing and content creation for their blogs. Many freelance writers are hired by blog owners through freelance jobs platforms to work on projects. Also, many bloggers order blog content to be written for them on content mills. This is where the Grammarly plagiarism checker incomes into play. If you are a blog owner that outsources content creation then plagiarism checker is a tool you will use frequently. You will have to check if your writers deliver original work or just copy and paste from other websites or blogs.

Grammarly for freelance writers

Freelance writers just like all content creators can use Grammarly to their advantage. Freelance writers are paid for creating written content and that is usually done on a per word basis. The more content they write the more they get paid. This is why freelance writers can make use of Grammarly to boost their productivity and write more articles or blog posts.

Grammarly helps speed up content writing by finding and correcting grammar mistakes and also finding and correcting spelling mistakes. Correcting errors in the content using Grammarly is now as easy and simple as clicking on the button. No more need of spending a long time finding errors and correcting them by typing the words correctly.

Grammarly free or Grammarly premium, which one is for you?

Grammarly comes as both and free versions. You can start using the free version right away but it will be limited to just basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors detection and suggesting corrections for them. If you want more features like a plagiarism checker then you should upgrade to the premium version which starts at 12 dollars a month. If you are a blogger or freelance writer or anyone whose work revolves around creating written content then you should seriously consider upgrading.

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