How To Hire Freelancers And Outsource Content Writing For Your Blog

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Importance of fresh and original content

A successful blog is a blog that has many readers and many visitors and makes a decent amount of money for their owners if they are monetized by ads of affiliate links or selling our own products. The equation is why some blogs get many visitors and why others do not? There are many reasons for this like good rankings in search engines, good promotion on social media to attract the target audience or using other methods of promotion.

All this brings us to the answer. In order to get both high ranking in search engines and get more visitors from social media the most important thing is to have blog content or publish blog posts that are unique, original and have informational and useful content. Both search engines and people love originality and value useful information and you will need to know how to create blog content if you want to start a blog and turn it into a money-making machine. Yes, blogs are machines that make you money if you can write and publish original and informational content and get many visitors.

In the previous post, it was discussed several ways you can create original content for your blog. Among the ways mentioned one way was to outsource your content writing to freelance writers. That means you pay someone else to write articles you can later publish on your blog. Many bloggers love to write the blog posts themselves but there are also many blog owners that run more than one blog and they treat their blogs as a business and so they consider paying freelance writers to write content for them a business investment.

Where to hire freelancers to write content for your blog

Hiring freelancers is a good way to create content for your blog and even more, there are many sites and freelance jobs platforms where you can find many freelance writers willing to do that for monetary compensation. Here are some sites where you can find and start hiring freelancers to write content for you.

1. Freelance jobs websites

Freelance jobs websites are the first place you can think of where to find freelancers. You can find freelance writers to write blog content for your blog. You can start your search with Fiverr. Just navigate to the website and search for writers. This way you can find all writers on the platforms along with the details of the services they offer and their price. Start looking for freelance writers on platforms like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, or when you join and place a job on the platform. You will need to explain what you want to be done and your timeline. This way the freelancers can find your job posting and bid on it.

2. Content mills

Content mills are similar to freelancing jobs but they are specifically oriented towards writing jobs. You can post your job and interested freelancers will start working on it. You can also order many articles to be written in bulk. With your orders, you will need to specify what you want to be written, the topic, keywords, etc. Some of the best content mills to order work are iWriter, HireWriters, TextRoyal, TextBroker, Asavana, and others.

3. Job Boards

You can find experienced freelance writers using job boards online. You will need to post your job on one or more of these job boards and writers can apply. Some of the best job boards you can post your project are ProBlogger Job Board, Media Bistro, Blogging Pro, Writers Weekly, and others.

4. Social media platforms

Social media are another way you can establish contact with freelancers who are interested in writing content for your blog. You can join relevant groups on Facebook and post your jobs. You can post on other platforms like Twitter but also on forums and any other site where freelance writers can see your post and contact you.

How to find the best freelance writers to hire

After you have a website where you can hire freelance writers of order content to be written for you your next question is probably: how do I the best freelancers? How to get the most for my money? This is not an easy answer considering there are indeed many freelancers offering their services and charging different prices for their work, from dirt cheap of a few dollars per 1000 words article to several cents per word. here are some tips you can use:

  • Check out the reviews. Every freelancer on platfroms gets feedback or review about his work from previous clients. Make a list of writers that have a good to excellent review, Some of the writers on the platform might be new members and no have anywork and reviews done but that does not mean they are bad writers.
  • Test and see which freelance writers deliver quality work. If someone is charging a price that sems small does not mean he or she is a bad writer and delivers poor quality work. In this case it is important to test and see. Order a batch of articles from two or more writers and see if they deliver as expected. If they don’t, look further, if one of them meets the requirement, then keep working with him.
  • Remember that quality costs money. As mentioned you can find freelance writers for very cheap, but how will they meet your requirements. If you are ready to pay premium price they you will get premium quality work. Some freelancers will even make a complete blog posts all with images and infographics. if you think you can get a decent jobs for just s few dollars then be prepared to be served a copied content from somewhere else, a content made using spinners, or to redo the whole work yourself.
  • Always check the work your freelancers deliver. Even when you are paying high price for blog content always read the content for grammar errors, fact checking and even use plagiarism checkers like Grammarly. You dont want to publish plagiarized content. Both people and search engines hate plagiarism.

Pros and cons of hiring freelance writers for blog content writing

There are a number of pros and cons of why you should or shouldn’t hire freelancers to write blog posts for your blog. Some of the pros are:

  • There are many freelancers available to hire. Some of them asking a very low price
  • You get to create lot of content for your blog in a short amount of time
  • You will have more free time.
  • You can create content for more than one money making blogs.
  • You can focus on other aspects of blogging like promotion and link building.

The cons of hiring freelance writers for content writing are:

  • It costs money. There are freelancers of any price range, but if you want quality work you need to be prepareed to pay premium price.
  • You will always need to double check the work before publishing because there is always the risk you can publish plagiarism on your blog.
  • It is not an easy task to find freelancers that know your audience and can write what your readers want. It is hard to find good writers for a reasonable price.


Many blog owners today hire freelancers to write blog content for their blogs. There are a number of reasons why and against you should hire freelancers. If you don’t have time to write the blog posts yourself and you are ready to spend money then outsourcing your blog content creation is a good way to keep your blog constantly updated with fresh content.

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