Can You Sell Digital Downloads On Etsy?

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Many entrepreneurs are making money online by selling digital products. In fact, many businesses are focused on creating and selling digital products like books, courses, instructional videos, software, etc. There are many ways digital products are promoted and sold online but if you mention Etsy digital products are not a thing that comes to mind.

Etsy is visited by buyers looking for unique items. They visit Etsy for handcrafted and rare merchandise and not for mass-produced items that are available in many places both online and offline. They are also finding many sellers offering custom-made products and also vintage items which are decades old.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online e-commerce marketplace where sellers can connect with buyers. Sellers from anywhere can open their shops on Etsy and display their merchandise. Etsy is similar to other online marketplaces. Etsy is primarily oriented to handcrafted, rare, vintage, artistic items. Thanks to Etsy artists now set up stores and list their items. They can build their stores according to their taste, along with the original logo, looks, layout, branding, color scheme.

If you are an entrepreneur and have something to sell that may be interested in buyers then you can easily start selling on Etsy. First, you will need to go to the Etsy homepage and click on Sell and then on Open your Etsy store. After setting up your store with name, logo, and other preferences you can start listing the items you have for sale. Include description and photos in your listings. Be sure to include tags or relevant keywords with your listings. Buyers use them when searching for products they desire so by including them you will make them easily discoverable by buyers. Also, don’t forget to set the price for the items you listed.

What are the best-selling items on Etsy?

There are many items that are sold on Etsy. They are grouped in a number of categories like jewelry and associates, clothing and shoes, home and living, toys and entertainment, vintage, arts and collectibles, crafts and tools, weddings, and parties.

Soe of the most popular items and best selling are stickers, baby items and toys, notebooks, phone cases, vintage items, fashion items, candles, and digital designs which are digital downloads. Some of the more successful products have tens of thousands of sales.

What are some popular Etsy digital products?

It is possible and lucrative to sell digital downloads on Etsy. any sellers are selling exclusively digital products and designs and have made many thousands of sales which is not very typical for Etsyconsidering the majority of items are rare and unique mostly handcrafted items.

The list of popular digital downloads that are sold on Etsy include:

eBooks – on Etsy you can sell eBooks as digital downloads. Ebooks are popular downloadable products on Etsy and there are a large number of eBooks listed covering many topics. There are also many listings for bundles of eBooks usually covering a single topic. eBooks are sold as digital downloads on Etsy usually in a pdf format. If you have your own eBooks you can also use Etsy and reach even more buyers. Interestingly there are many popular ebooks dealing with how to open your Etsy store and be a successful seller.

Presets for Adobe and Lightroom – On Etsy, you can find many presets to buy, or if you make your own presets, that is if you are a professional photographer and have presets you made and you use you can also make extra money by selling them. You will certainly find many interested clients here.

Video creation and editing – Video creation and editing services are also offered on Etsy. If you are skilled as a video editor and know your way around video editing software you can offer your services on Etsy in addition to other marketplaces you are probably using like for instance Fiverr.

Courses and tutorials – online and downloadable courses about different subjects like graphics design, SEO, marketing, etc.

Digital design files – design files you can use in your work. They are also delivered as digital downloads on the Etsy platform and are delivered in many formats like SVG, PNG, EPS, DXF, etc.

Phone app icon packs – a custom bundle of app icons for ios and Android phones are also popular Etsy digital products. Sellers are making good money selling bundles of thousands of custom app icons for your smartphone.

Stitch and embroidery design files – files for stitch and embroidery design are usually delivered as a digital download in a PES file format. There are many embroidery designs files listed and there are also services offering digitizing embroidery designs.

CAD design files, templates, and blocks bundles – CAD files of different items as well as bundles of templates or blocks for interior, architecture, etc are also sold on the Etsy marketplace. CAD templates and blocks are used by CAD designers to help them make their job easier and work faster.

How to sell digital downloads on Etsy?

To start selling digital downloads on Etsy is easy and what you need is to own a store. If you do not have a store on Etsy you should start first by opening your store which you can do easily if you go to the homepage and click on Sell on Etsy and then click Open your Etsy shop.

Your next step is to set up your Etsy store by choosing your brand name, layout, template, logo, etc. After your store is set up you can start listing the items you are selling. With your listing, you should include details about the product or the service you are offering to the market. You should include details such as the price of the items and the delivery methods and shipping cost.

Since you sell digital downloads on Etsy there will be no shipping cost but you must specify the delivery method in your description. A method that is used frequently on Etsy to deliver digital downloads is by email through attachment, zip file, or link to a file hosted online.


Etsy is a marketplace that is popular worldwide. People from all over the world use it to sell and buy original and artistic items, handcrafted and items that are not mass-produced. Contrary to expectations on Etsy digital products can be listed and sold. In fact, there are many successful sellers of digital downloads. If you have digital products you can add Etsy to your existing places where you promote and sell them.

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