How To Get Paid To Post YouTube Videos

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Can you really get paid for posting videos?

There are many legitimate ways you can start making money online. Many people are making money in their free time working from home using only their computers and skills. There are even ways you can start earning online by doing things you love doing like listening to music or playing games. One of the fun ways to make money online is also to get paid to post videos on YouTube or other similar websites.

YouTube is the world’s best-known video publishing platform. Many people open YouTube channels and publish videos and later make money by monetizing them. You can get paid to post Youtube videos based on the number of views and use other monetization methods like affiliate links, CPA offers, or use youtube videos to promote the product you have created.

How do you get paid for posting videos on YouTube?

Here is a step by step process for how to get paid to post videos on YouTub

1. Create a YouTube channel

The first step you must take before you start making money by posting videos on YouTube is to create a channel. You will need to choose a name for your channel and you can also customize your channel. You can add a description picture, video watermark but also trailer as well as choose a featured video or the returning visitors. When choosing the name for your channel you should choose a name that is descriptive about what topic will the videos you will post be about and also the name should be simple and easy to remember.

You can create more than one channel on youtube so if you want to create videos on several topics you might want to consider creating more channels for the purposes of better branding and for easier promotion.

2. Start creating videos and posting them on YouTube

After you have created a YouTube channel you can start making and posting videos. There is no limit to the videos you can post and more is not better. You should primarily focus on quality instead of quantity and make original videos that will offer new information not found in other videos if you want your videos to get viral and earn the most money for you.

There are a large number of video editing softwares you can choose from to make high-quality videos you can post on your channel. Some of the best are Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, iMovie (for Apple), Cyberlink Power Director, and others. Many Youtube videos including popular categories like gameplays are made using screen recording software that records what is happening on your computer screen. Some of the best screen recording software are OBS Studio, Bandicam, Camtasia, Fraps, and more.

Aside from video editing and screen recording software you will also need recording equipment like a camera, microphone, tripod, and lighting.

3. Start making money with your YouTube videos

In order to get paid to post YouTube videos, you need to make videos and post them. However, we must be clear that you don’t get paid for every video that you post but your earnings will depend on the number of views that your videos get. It is a fairly passive way to earn money where you put up upfront work and then you get paid in the future. The more views a video gets the more money you will earn. In a time when you have many videos posted on your channel, you will notice that some videos get much more views than others and as result, the earnings they generate will be much higher.

To be able to earn money from your YouTube videos you will first have to qualify to become a member of the YouTube partner program. To be eligible you must meet certain requirements including having 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months and more than 1000 subscribers. Once you will become a member of the partner program you will earn a share of the ads revenue. You can expect to earn from $1 to $5 per thousand views.

As an alternative to earning with ads, you can make money by posting videos promoting products and affiliate programs. You can make review videos demonstrating the programs you promote and ad your link in the description. This way you will earn a piece of the profit from every sale that is generated when visitors click on your affiliate links. You only have to post links and get paid.

You can promote many different products both physical and digital. Digital or downloadable products usually pay a higher percentage of the earnings and you can find many digital affiliate programs to promote on the marketplace called Clickbank.

What type of videos are most popular and most profitable on YouTube

You can post videos and earn money if people view your videos. Millions of people visit YouTube every day for various reasons. They visit to watch videos to have fun and spend their free time watching something entertaining or learning something new or finding useful information to help them solve problems they have. If you want to get paid posting videos on YouTube you need to make videos that the viewers will find entertaining or informational.

If you want to focus on entertainment videos you can make videos about pets, music videos, humor videos, gameplay videos of popular computer games, top lists of movies, games, songs, etc., or anything entertaining. If you want to make and post informational videos you can start making how-to or tutorial videos about programming, do-it-yourself videos, cooking videos, exercise and fitness videos, graphic design, and anything that people might find helpful.


Thanks to YouTube you can now get paid to post videos. This is a legitimate way for creative people to make and post videos and earn money online. Another advantage of this way to make extra money online is that it does not require a large investment up front and you can get started if you own a computer and necessary software like screen recording and video editing. If you have original ideas and can create content that other people will be interested in you can start posting videos and earning money today. You can make any kinds of videos you like and on any topic but keep in mind that you can not use copyrighted material or break community guidelines because this can result in your channel getting banned.

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