How To Be Successful In Blogging Like You Mean It

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Blogging is potentially very profitable if you succeed in starting a blog that gets lots of targeted traffic that you can monetize. However many blogs do not become successful while other blogs enable their owners to make enough money blogging that they can become full-time bloggers. If you want to build a profitable blog and be successful in blogging as you mean it and like you always wanted here are some tips to help you in your journey.

Decide what you want to accomplish

Blogs can become a real money-making machine by monetizing their traffic using one or more methods. logs are generating revenue through ads, affiliate links, promoting or selling products, etc. Think about what is your primary way of monetization. Some blogs make most of their revenue from displaying ads while others are from affiliate links and then others by promoting products or courses created by their owners.

Your primary goal in monetizing through ads them getting more visitors to your blog is your primary concern. If your intention is to monetize through affiliate links or by selling your own product then your should be blogging and publishing content that will appeal to your target audience.

Have reasonable expectations

Many bloggers fail and do not become successful in blogging as they mean it when they started because they give up after some time. They give up because they expect results from the very beginning. They expect visitors to start pouring at the moment they publish their first blog post. But the reality is the opposite.

Building a successful blog takes time that is necessary to research, create original content, and the time the content to rank and bring in traffic that can be monetized. From publishing the first post to getting traffic from search engines takes weeks and even months. If you decide to start your blogging business be prepared to invest a lot of work upfront without any return and expect to see income grow further down the road.

Choose your niche carefully

Choosing a niche is one thing many bloggers don’t give the necessary attention to. It is one of the most important decisions to make when starting a money-making blog. The niche you choose will determine the content you will create and publish and this will determine the targeted audience you will attract to your blog. Your niche must be a niche that you are familiar with and also popular with many people. You can not monetize a blog by publishing content no one is interested in. Also, your niche needs to be fairly narrow but not so narrow that you will exhaust all your ideas after a few posts.

Learn how to find low competition keywords

Creating original and fresh content is very important for blogs but one other thing that is very important for successful blogs is the content to be optimized for the search engines. This is called search engine optimization and being able to do it properly is one of the most important skills for bloggers. Keywords are the most important part of optimizing your content for the search engines.

Keywords are words that people use to search for information in the search engines and they also tell what your content is about. If your content is well optimized and includes relevant keywords then your post will rank high in the search results and you will get lots of targeted visitors from the search engines.

To find the most searched keywords you can use keyword research tools. There are many available online and some of them are WordStream, Wordtracker, Google Keyword Planner, and others. However, there is one other thing you should keep in mind. You are probably not the only blogger in your niche so older more established blogs probably have already high-ranking content crated around the keywords. Therefore you should as a new blogger probably better of focusing on finding long-tail keywords and keywords will less competition you can use.

Invest effort to create original and quality content

You want to build a profitable and successful money-making blog but this is no easy task. First and foremost considering that there is strong competition from other blogs focusing on niches similar to yours. The most important question to ask yourself is how o compete with them? The answer is by creating and publishing content that is original and fresh and brings value and new information to the interested readers.

The quality of the content you publish is the thing that will contribute the most to the success of your blog. This is because both people and search engines like Google love original content. When creating content try to find out what your target audience is most interested in and what problems they have that need solving. Then write original and informational posts that address these issues.

If your visitors like the content you publish they will share it on social media and bring in even more visitors. Don’t think you can build a successful money-making blog by simply copying and republishing content from other places. This is a sure way to get your blog penalized by search engines and fail to build a successful blog.

Be consistent in posting new blog posts

Another thing that blog readers love is to always find new posts when they visit your blog. If you publish new blog posts regularly whenever they will visit your blog they will at least most of the time find fresh content and this in the future will be a reason for them to come to visit your blog again and again. Above it was mentioned about the importance of publishing original content and if this content comes n regular intervals they will not only return to your blog to read new posts but also share your content on social media and with their friends and followers which in turn brings and ever-growing traffic to your blog.

This is why consistency in publishing is important. You can plan to publish new posts based on your free and available time and other things but you should publish the most you can and keep it consistent. Based on your availability publishing once a day, or once a week is your choice, but keep in mind you need to have consistency in publishing new blog posts.


You probably want to start a blog and maybe turn it into a source of income and even become a full-time blogger. This is not easy and many blogs fail for a number of reasons. Blogging is not easy and there are many things involved in blogging like setting up your hosting and blogging platform, keyword research, writing original content, promoting content on social media, and other things. Above were mentioned a few things to keep in mind if you want to be successful in your blogging like you mean it and you wish to be.

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