5 Best Ways To Make Money Online On Weekends

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Weekends are times when everybody normally relaxes and does not think about doing some work. On weekends normally people do things that are fun and relaxing like playing sports, going for a walk outdoors, reading a book, watching a movie or simply spending time with friends and family. However, if you wish to spend some time during weekends productively and earn some money you can do it online where there are always money-making opportunities. In this post, there will be mentioned a few of the best ways to make money online on weekends.

If your intention is to earn extra money on the weekends you can find many legitimate ways to do so and choose the ones that are the best fit for your free time schedule and availability and also your skills. You can take on jobs that do not require a long time to complete but preferably you can start and finish during the weekend. You don’t want to take on jobs on projects that might take more time and could potentially extend into working days from Monday to Friday.

1. Start working on short tasks for money

Short tasks are one of the easy jobs to earn money from home. If you wish to earn extra cash during the weekend you can make money online quickly and easily by completing short tasks. To make money with short tasks you don’t need a bachelor’s degree or work experience, you only need a computer, internet connection, and free time.

Short tasks are tasks that usually require a very short time to complete and that is from a few seconds to several minutes. There are many types of short tasks and some of the easiest and most prevalent are social media tasks. With this type of task, you can earn a few cents for le than a minute of work by sharing a post, like a post, or posting about a certain product on your favorite social media websites. You can find many short tasks to work on platforms like Microworkers, Picoworkersand others.

2. Write articles and blog posts for money

Writing articles and blog posts is a great way to earn extra money on weekends for creative people that love to write. Writing a blog post or article of a few hundred to a couple of thousand words is not much time consuming and can be done during weekends as another option to make money on weekends in your free time. Original content written for the purpose to be published on blogs is always in demand and this opens many opportunities for talented writers.

There are many websites where you can find writing gigs. One of them is iWriter and if your area is new to writing you can consider joining because it is open even to freelance writers without experience. Once you become a member you can browse to many jobs posted that are available for you and pick the one that is most suited for you. Other websites you can consider are TextRoyal, Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, etc.

3. Participate in logo design competitions

This is an option to make money online on weekends for logo designers and graphic designers in general. To be able to take part in logo design you need any experience in graphic design as well as familiarity with graphic design software. If you win a logo-making competition you will get a prize that was offered b the client. There is a number of logo design contest sites. Some o them are 99Designs, DesignCrowd, 48HoursLogo, and others.

In addition to entering in logo design competition another way to make money online on weekends designing logos is t offer your logo design services as a freelancer. You can join freelance jobs marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer.com Fiverr, and others to find freelance logo design jobs.

4. Work on online transcription jobs on weekends

Transcription jobs are another option available to you if you want to earn extra money online on weekends. Transcription jobs include listening to an audio recording and then typing what is being said into a text document. To work on transcription jobs you will need a computer connected to the internet, and also highly recommended are good quality headphones. If you plan to make transcription your most important side hustle then you should consider buying a pedal which will also make your job much easier.

To be able to work on transcription jobs and make a decent income you will need a quiet work environment as well as a certain skill set like fast typing skills, good listening and attention to detail, and well a good grasp of grammar, familiarity with different accents, and good knowledge of vocabulary.

There are a number of websites online where you can find transcription jobs to work on and make money online on weekends. Some of them will require that you have prior experience in transcribing and do not hire beginners but there are also some that welcome even people from all over the world without experience. If you are a beginner you can join websites like Crowdsurfwork, Scribie, or TranscribeMe. In addition to being open to beginners with no experience these websites offer short tasks, Crowdsurf, for example, offers tasks that are long up to 25 seconds that can be done in under a minute. Depending on the time you have available you can choose to work as much as you like and do 1, 10, or 100 tasks a day.

5. Complete surveys to make extra money on the weekends

Paid surveys are one of the easiest and most simple ways to earn extra cash in your free time over the weekends. The way how this works is simple you join survey panels and complete surveys you are eligible to complete. When you join a survey panel you will have to create a profile and provide information about yourself. Based on the information you provide you will be provided with appropriate surveys. You get to complete the surveys and you will get compensated with money or other rewards like gift cards.

There are a large number of survey panels online where you can join and make money in your free time. It is advisable that you join as many survey panels as possible because this will help you get access to many surveys and help you keep a constant supply of money-making opportunities. Some o the best survey panels you can join are Prize Rebel, OneOpinion, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and others.


Weekends are not a period when the possibility to earn money online stops. There are ways you can earn money online on weekends if you want to use your time productively. In the post, there are 5 best ways to make money online on weekends that don’t take a lot of time to complete and that will not extend into the working days of the week. You should check them out all and choose one that is the best fit for you.

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