How To Make Money Online Working On Gengo Translation Jobs

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For people that speak more than one language, there are many opportunities to start making money online. If you speak foreign languages and you are fluent you can start making a living online as a translator or a tutor, that is teaching others a foreign language. If you are someone who is fluent in foreign languages and you want to start making money as a translator you can use your knowledge in foreign languages to make money online working on Gengo translation jobs.

What is Gengo?

Gengo is an online platform that offers translation services to businesses. They offer translation services with high-quality work and fast turnaround. They employ over 21000 freelance translators and offer translation of over 70 language pairs. Their clients come from a wide range of industries like eCommerce, travel and hospitality, business and finance, legal, technology and software, marketing, advertising, publishing and media, games, etc. They accept projects of all sizes, types, and levels of urgency and are ready to set up dedicated translation teams to deliver the work on time. The projects they work on are of all types from social media posts to brochures.

Step by step guide on how to start making money online with Gengo translation jobs

It is free to join Gengo as a freelance translator and what you will need is a computer connected to the internet and foreign language skills. The more foreign language you speak fluently the more job opportunities will be available for you when you become a member. Here is a step by step process of how to join the Gengo platform:

Step 1: The first you must take to become started working on Gengo jobs is to join

Go to the Gengo homepage, scroll down and click on the link “Become a Translator”. You will be taken to another page and you will need to click once again on a link to become a translator. Here you will need to sign up by filling out a form. You will need an email account ad to set up a password for your Gengo account.

Step 2: Take and pass the required test

To become approved as a translator and to be granted access to Gengo translation jobs you will have to first pass a test to showcase that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to take on available jobs that are listed on the platform. The test has two parts and you must pass both of them to be approved. If you are asking yourself about is there any tips on how to pass the test there is a translators resources page you can check and find many valuable tips and information about the test and using the Gengo translation jobs platform.

Step 3: Start working on translation jobs

After you pass the test and get approved as a translator you can start taking on Gengo translation jobs and earning money online. It is a good idea to get to know the platform well before you begin and get familiarized with all the features it offers. This will make your work much easier in the future. You can find many translation jobs on Gengo and you can pick to work on the ones you like. When you are more experienced you can even take the pro qualification test and this will open even more translation jobs on Gengo that are more challenging and pay more money for completing.

Step 4: Get paid for the work you delivered

For all the jobs you complete successfully on Gengo you will be paid. Once your work has been approved and accepted money will be deposited in your account. You can receive your payment every 10th and 25th of the month and you can be paid in your PayPal or Payoneer account.

Why you should work on Gengo translation jobs?

There are many benefits why you should choose to work for Gengo as a translator.

You will be able to work from home

If you become a translator working for Gengo you will do your work and business communication online and that means you will be able to work from home. This has many benefits such as not having to travel every day to work and back and as a result no time lost in commuting and no expenses every day for gas, bus, taxi, etc. You can also work on many different platforms like your laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

You can work anytime you like

Gengo has a very flexible time schedule and you can plan your working hours any way you like. You can work in the morning or in the evenings depending on when you feel more comfortable and when you will have extra time.

You can work as much as you like

When you join Gengo you can not only plan when you want to work but also how much you want to work every day. Depending on your schedule and your other obligations you can set aside one hour a day, two thousand even more, and as much you like. Or you can only work during weekends if you have a regular job. There is a minimum required work-time you must b available in a week like there is with some other freelance jobs websites.

You are your own boss

When working on Gengo jobs you make all the choices related to work every day. We already mentioned that you can work as much or as little as you want, when you want and whenever you want. Another advantage is that you get to pick the jobs you want and that you feel are more suited to you. There is no boss to assign the work to you and you must accept and start working. You will be your own boss and you make all the work-related decisions.

Opportunity to grow and develop your skills

When you are a member o the Gengo translation platform you will also become a part of a large community of translators from all over the world. There are forums where you can connect with other translators. You will get to share experience and ideas with translators and help each other with useful tips and feedback about the work you do.


Gengo is like many other platforms where freelance translators can find translation jobs online. If you are a professional translator looking for a way to earn extra money online in your free time or if you are a beginner with no experience but yu are fluent in one or more foreign languages then Gengo jobs might be a good option to start earning online you can take into consideration.

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